S-Litter 2012

23 November 2012; 2 males

Von Hof's Cisco Kid x Just Delights Qoloured Mystic (see bottom of page)

7 weeks

6 weeks

Grandmother Jasmin and the puppies

5 weeks

4 weeks

2 weeks

4 days

Just Delights Qoloured Mystic

Hd A (free)




Von Hof's Cisco Kid

American and American Grand Champion, International Champion, Westminster qualified 2011

Hd and Ed free, Heart; normal


Thanks to Dennis and Frankie Von Hof,

Tim and Julie Kelly, Bas Bosch and Chantal and Marcel for making this possible



For more info and/or reservations phone or email;

mandy.rutter@telfort.nl  +31 77 3828234