My name is Mandy Rutter, 40 something, Dutch of British origin.

Breeding dogues is my passion! It's my hobby, not my livelihood, but I take it very seriously. I've been breeding bordeauxs since 1995. This according to a carefully set out breeding programme to create my own bloodline. I have various Kennel Club accredited qualifications (KK1, KK2, E&B). My dogues are also shown regularly. Dogs, in fact all animals have always been a part of my life.

We live out in the countryside, near woods and a river. The dogues live both in the house and in kennels, have a big meadow to play in and lounge about. My dogues are very fit and active; they love swimming and running alongside my bicycle. They are very affectionate but also excellent guard dogs. My kennel is small enough to give each dogue the love and attention it needs; they have an intense desire for affection. I love my dogs and will not sell adults. At my home all dogs get to grow old. I pride myself in a good average lifespan; 8 - 9 years. I will always take a dog back or help with rehoming if it's owner can't keep it anymore.

The puppys are born and raised indoors, not just the first weeks but until they leave. They are socialised for the family environment. As a breeder I consider health, conformation and temperament all important. I wish to meet prospective buyers first to ensure that the puppys go to loving and responsible homes. I am always willing to advise and help new puppy owners. I still keep in touch with almost everyone who has bought a dogue from me.

Browse around, see what you think and ........ enjoy your stay.

If you have any comments please feel free to mail me ( I have no guestbook). Thanks.